We recognise that your needs will be wide and varied. It could be that you require SQEP resource at short notice and for a limited period of time; or you may be seeking to fill permanent positions and need assistance in identifying and finding the correct SQEP for your needs.

We will work in partnership with you to determine the level of experience and area of expertise that you require to successfully deliver your business needs. Through our wealth of experience in the air environment, we are able to robustly check that any resource offered will have the competence and credibility to deliver the outputs desired.

We will be honest with you, transparent and open about how we operate, and seek to build a partnership that delivers. Your reputation is key and we will seek to protect it.

What Makes Us Unique

  • We listen to your business needs
  • We are experts in our field so can translate these needs to SQEP requirement
  • We have a vast Associate cohort, but will only offer resource if it is correct for your needs
  • We will seek to protect your reputation
  • We are honest and open about our business approach

What Clients Say

I have enjoyed the work and you were a very good agent who made things very easy for me.
Zak Askew, Kurzy Avionics Ltd